High Availability Media Backend with Vidispine

By Patrik - September 28, 2015 (Last updated: April 4, 2017)

When building small-scale video applications it might be enough to run everything on one server, but as your business grows, more and more people depend on what you have built. To make sure you can deliver on your promise, Vidispine can be set up in a High Availability configuration. How to do this is described in a new blog post series.

We have put together a general guide on how to set up Vidispine and the external components of Vidispine  for high availability. We will take your through four different parts that you can configure; from Vidispine itself to database and Solr, in a blog post series, starting tomorrow (Sep 29, 2015).


From a simple setup with everything running on one server, you add on functionality to make your Vidispine based media backend fully high availability configured. You will need to modify the suggested configuration according to your own requirements, but we want to give you a good start with some examples that we have seen working well.

You can find all posts in the High Availability series here (links will be updated as we post the blog posts):