Hey SDVI, Tell Us About Something Cool You Will Demo at IBC 2016

By Vidispine - September 6, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

First in our pre-IBC guest blog post series is SDVI, with SDVI Rally and Vidispine integration. We have demo of this lined up for you, just be sure to visit us in the AWS stand, 5.C80, where both SDVI and Vidispine are located.

SDVI Rally™ solves the messy problem of how content enters into your media supply chain, by standardising file-based delivery, centralizing, organizing, then automatically verifying and analyzing all content, even before any operators have to get involved.

Vidispine SDVI Rally Integration

The SDVI Rally™ integration with Vidispine allows content to be checked in to Vidispine at any point deemed appropriate in the supply chain, and also to check content back out when required for further processing. All metadata generated during the processing of the supply chain is made available directly to the Vidispine system.

Rally™ is a cloud-based service that manages and optimizes the application and infrastructure components of a media supply chain. The infrastructure resources managed by Rally can be located on premise, in a public cloud, in a private cloud, or in any combination. Supply chain optimisation is based upon the technical, operational, and financial parameters associated with each job.

This post was written by our partner SDVI. Meet them and Vidispine in the AWS stand at 5.C80 at IBC. We’ll show you some good stuff in the demo.