Hey Quantum, Tell Us About Something Cool You Will Demo at IBC 2016

By Vidispine - September 7, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

In our third pre-IBC guest post Quantum tells us about how to streamline your delivery using Quantum Lattus and Vidispine. It’s great stuff and you should show up at their stand 7.B27.

At IBC2016, Quantum will highlight our latest innovations that will help our customers “power what’s next” in media technology throughout their end-to-end workflow.

To support streamlined delivery, we’ll demonstrate how content owners can transcode and deliver directly from Quantum’s Lattus object storage using Vidispine. This joint demo between Quantum and Vidispine offers one of the first object-based media management and processing applications. In the demo, Vidispine queries StorNext to catalog and display the contents of objects in Lattus object storage, then processes content for worldwide delivery as objects instead of converting to files. In this way, Lattus object storage can automatically synchronize content with single gold copies globally for delivery to other departments or content hubs. And by processing objects rather than files, Vidispine keeps tasks within the Lattus extended online storage rather than restoring to online storage, reducing the need for additional expensive primary storage space.

Quantum Lattus with Vidispine Overview

Meanwhile, Quantum will also host a live demo of multi-stream 4K production, simultaneously editing multiple streams of 4K with Blackmagic, plus VFX rendering and playback with Autodesk. We’ll also showcase our embedded application support on the Xcellis Workflow Director, showing how workflow tools, including media asset management, transcoders and automation can run directly on Xcellis. Finally, we’ll unveil our new, tight integration with a leading MAM for policy-based migration to StorNext LTO archives, Lattus object storage and Q-Cloud archive services.

This post was written by Quantum. You can meet them at IBC in stand 7.B27, and you can of course learn more about the Vidispine integration both there, and at Vidispine in the AWS stand 5.C80