Hey Codemill, Tell Us About Something Cool You Will Demo at IBC 2016

By Vidispine - September 6, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

Have you been looking for frame accuracy in HTML5? Look no further as Codemill releases their Accurate Player during IBC this year. Read more about it below, and then come visit us in the AWS stand, 5.C80, at IBC. We’ll be happy to demo it for you.

We have a long-running relationship with Vidispine and have helped many customers to integrate the Vidispine MAM into their platforms and customize it to their needs. The key requirement on a new player was for frame accurate playback using only HTML5 APIs across all major browsers together with full Vidispine integration.

Other requirements included playing and reviewing sound levels for multiple audio tracks, displaying and supporting editing of multiple subtitle tracks as well as subclip support where new items are creating from stitching together a combination of audio and video tracks. Frame accuracy is crucial in this regard to be able to determine the exact frame to start a sub clip, where audio and subtitle tracks should start and mark points for a proxy video must align with the original.

AccuratePlayer screenshot

For the last six months, one of our development teams at Codemill has been working on an HTML5-based, frame accurate video player. It’s a project that started as a long list of requirements from a major broadcast studio and has turned into a product that Codemill owns and maintains. This is different from our standard projects: we typically do consultancy work where the customer owns the license and can continue to develop the product after the end of the project.

The player streams content from Vidispine and has several features designed for reviewing and conforming audio and video. Key features, apart from frame accurate playback include:

  • Frame accurate playback with cross browser compatibility
  • Responsive design, works on all devices and screen sizes
  • Playback of multiple simultaneous audio tracks
  • Display and live editing of multiple simultaneous subtitle tracks
  • Full annotation support with tracks and markers, represented as Vidispine time-based metadata
  • Subclipping support to create new items in Vidispine
  • Thumbnail and audio loudness analysis with a detailed timeline view

The player has been in beta since we first showed it off at the NAB show this year, and for the upcoming IBC exhibition in Amsterdam we are targeting a first stable release. We are showing the player as standalone and integrated into VidiXplore. Come by the 5.C80 stand for a demonstration, or contact us to set up a meeting. See you at IBC!

This post was written by Jonas Sandberg, Codemill. Come and meet Codemill and Vidispine at IBC in the AWS stand, 5.C80, to see the AccuratePlayer in action. For more information about the player, visit accurateplayer.com.