Helper URIs for Visualising Hierarchies

By Patrik - June 26, 2015 (Last updated: April 3, 2017)

Sometimes it’s easier to get an overview over how your entities are related from a graphical representation. This tip shows how you could do that using a few API calls and Graphviz.

Built into Vidispine are a few calls that can be used by developers to help understanding how certain entities are related.

Preconditions and conditions

The system needs to have the Graphviz package installed. Almost every Linux distributions comes with a packaged version, for easy installation. On systems which do not have Graphviz installed, there are API calls for getting the dot file for download, so that the rendering can be done off-site. All the calls should work from Vidispine v3.1 and later.

At the moment, all visualisation URI’s require administrator rights. For all cases, you can also add on /dot for a non-rendered representation.

Job Task Definition Graph


Shows the dependencies of the tasks of a specified job type. Job types can be retrieved by /API/jobtype.

Item Metadata Revision Graph


Shows the metadata revision tree for a specified item.

Access Control Inheritance Graph




Shows the item, its ancestor collections and libraries, and all access controls that apply for the item. Also shows in which order the access controls are evaluated.

Example for item with ID VX-12856


Example graph for access grant

Access Control Grant Graph




Returns a grantor-grantee graph that shows how access has been granted for an item.

Disclaimer. These API calls are not meant to be used in a production system. Rather, the calls should be used by the developer or system integrator to help debugging.

Hence, they are likely to change (or be removed) in future releases. Also, Vidispine does not guarantee the quality of the output.