Guest Post: Alex Jennings Automatically Generates Vidispine Server API

By Patrik - November 17, 2015 (Last updated: April 5, 2017)

When talking with customer’s and partners we always find new tips&tricks on how to make life simpler when using Vidispine. We collect those and publish them in our blog as guest posts. First out is Alex Jennings from NMR, on how to use Postman together with the Vidispine API.

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We love when our partners explore Vidispine, and even more when they write blog posts about how to make life simpler for other’s using Vidispine. Alex Jennings at NMR wrote about how to improve how you use the Vidispine API together with Postman, and we have asked to publish it here as a guest post.

At NMR we love APIs! Our tool of choice is Postman plugin for Chrome which allows us to build up a history of commonly used requests and share them as collections between the team.

Even better than that, we can import the automatically-generated description which is included in the Vidispine API directly into Postman – no more guessing all of those undocumented paths!

From the menu Choose “Import”.

Import Image

In the popup, choose the “From URL” tab, and enter the path to Vidispine server to download the application.wad, e.g, .

Path to application.wad

Click Import! If authentication is required, use the https://username:password@  URL instead.

Open the Collections tab and you will see “Converted from WADL”.

Converted from WADL

Edit the name to include the server URL and version of the API for reference.

Choose one of the requests from the folders to try it out. Look at the “Params” for all of the path variables and query options. Don’t forget to set the Authorisation to “Basic Auth” when creating requests!

Basic Auth