Getting Started With the Vidispine API

By Isak - June 23, 2015 (Last updated: April 3, 2017)

Vidispine is using a RESTful API to enable you to implement video in your own applications with ease, no matter what language or framework you are using. The advanced APIs make it easy to create custom solutions for the most complex requirements.

This blog post describes that quickest way of getting started with the Vidispine API. All you need is an AWS account, your favorite REST API tool and enough time to make an espresso.

The simplest and quickest way to try Vidispine is to spin it up on AWS. Just head over to AWS Marketplace and spin up a Developer’s edition of Vidispine. Done? Ok, now you need to find the admin password to your Vidispine instance, which you can find on in the AWS system logs:

Note: The password can be obtained via the System Log: right click on the instance, Instance Settings, Get System Logs, scroll to the bottom region of the log, look for the information box with your password.

Now, check that it works by making a quick call to the API

curl -X GET "localhost:8080/API/version" -uadmin:yourpassword

Now when you know your instance is up and running it’s time to head over to the knowledge base on our Support Portal to read the Getting Started With the Vidispine API article. When you’re through that I recommend that you also read Getting Started With the Vidispine .NET SDK. The .NET SDK can be downloaded in the download section (signup/login needed) of the Support Portal. For more .NET help check out three simple methods to use Vidispine with .NET SDK . If you prefer Ruby, you should take a look at the Ruby SDK from XPlatform Consulting.

When you got everything going, check our Support Portal knowledge base for more guides and tips&tricks, e.g., how to set up SSL, change administrator password and really delete a user.

What more

You can also spin up an instance on Azure Marketplace instead of AWS. The preferred way to run Vidispine is to start it from AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace, but you can also get it from our official repository at, or download Vidispine (signup/login needed) from our Support Portal.