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By Popular Demand – The Vidispine Ecosystem Overview

By Vidispine - April 24, 2018

We had it on the wall at IBC 2017 and by NAB 2018 it was already outdated because of the speed of development. We made a new one for NAB that we managed to obsolete in a week. This is the latest version of our ecosystem overview, containing all our products and how they are related.


An Explanation of IMF Import Support in Vidispine Server pt2

By Isak - January 17, 2018

We added support for IMF in Vidispine Server 4.7. Now, with version 4.12, we have improved import, modification and export of IMF packages. Read about the enhancements released in 4.12 and get a preview of what’s coming in 4.13.

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Three Simple Methods to Invoke the Vidispine API From .NET Code

By Vidispine - June 15, 2016

Binagora is on fire and returns with another guest post. We know we have a bunch of developers on .NET, therefore we created a .NET SDK. This post shows how you can invoke the Vidispine API from .NET, using the SDK or using standard .NET classes. All with example code.

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Counting Files Over Multiple Cloud Storages Made Easy

By Vidispine - May 11, 2016

Today in our guest post Binagora show how to count media files and the total size of those files, in a media library spread out over several cloud storages, using Vidispine and a node.js application.

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Meet Alfred, the new intelligent scaling service

By Vidispine - March 30, 2016

Time for another of our guest posts. This time we asked the team at DSB Consulting to describe what Alfred, the one-of-a-kind new service for media companies, is. Read more about Alfred, the DevOps butler, and learn how it works together with the Vidispine API.


How to do Cropping and Scaling Using Javascript

By Isak - March 11, 2016

The Vidispine transcoder first crops, then rotates, then scales. This post is about how to use Javascript and some equations to emulate doing scaling before cropping. Brush up on your math skills and dive right in.


How to migrate your Vidispine MySQL to PostgreSQL

By Isak - March 3, 2016

We have seen that the existing MySQL to PostgreSQL conversation tools you can find are not always 100% successful. To make sure that your Vidispine database is successfully converted read this post on how to migrate your existing Vidispine MySQL database to PostgreSQL.

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Guest Post: Alex Jennings Automatically Generates Vidispine Server API

By Patrik - November 17, 2015

When talking with customer’s and partners we always find new tips&tricks on how to make life simpler when using Vidispine. We collect those and publish them in our blog as guest posts. First out is Alex Jennings from NMR, on how to use Postman together with the Vidispine API.


Learn how to Build Your Rock-Solid Enterprise Video Solution – Pt 2

By Vidispine - November 10, 2015

You got your metadata, your storage and your multiple video formats in order, and are on your way to create a rock-solid video application. Now we would like to introduce you to a few more things to consider. Let’s use this second part to talk content structure, workflows and scalability for your video application, all needed to get to the next level.


How to Bridge The Cloud Gap With the New Vidispine Server Agent

By Isak - November 3, 2015

Vidispine Server Agent combines the Vidispine Transcoder and an Agent for local content into a bridge between your cloud Vidispine instance and on-premise essence. This means you can keep your original assets safely on-premise while still enabling a Vidispine cloud solution.