Vidispine 4.8 is out on AWS Marketplace

By Vidispine - March 19, 2017

We have updated AWS Marketplace with the new Vidispine 4.8 version. Starting a new Vidispine instance through AWS Marketplace will give you access to advanced Aspera integration, 8K RED support, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, and of course improvements and bug fixes.


ITV Marketing Campaign Management System Based on Vidispine

By Vidispine - February 19, 2017

ITV chooses UK media technology systems integrator NMR as lead supplier for a new marketing campaign management system.


Vidispine 4.7 Now Out on AWS and Azure Marketplace

By Patrik - November 18, 2016

We’re out with Vidispine 4.7 on the official repo, in the support portal together with the .NET SDK, and of course on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace. There are of course new features, e.g., support for IMF, and a new and shiny command line tool. We are working hard to make your products better and life easier.


VidiXplore, Now With Permissions on Items and Collections

By Patrik - November 7, 2016

VidiXplore, your mission control for all your digital files, just got updated with user and group permissions. This new functionality will allow you to set access and editing permissions on your Items and Collections for named user accounts.


Vidispine 4.6 Released and Available on AWS and Azure

By Patrik - August 2, 2016

Vidispine 4.6 is out and available on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace, in the official Vidispine repository, and on the Support Portal. Vidispine 4.6 comes with improvements to the VSA, faster and more efficient image sequence handling, CloudConvert support and more.


New and Improved Version of VidiXplore Out Now

By Patrik - July 12, 2016

Summer time is improvement time. The VidiXplore product team have spent the last six months listening to you, prototyping, and then finally turning learnings into improvements to help you solve your problems faster. Besides some new features, we have also tweaked the user interface in many areas.


All You Need to Know About Vidispine’s Release Schedule

By Isak - March 17, 2016

This post explains the version numbering scheme of Vidispine releases. We aim to release new major versions every 24-36 months, with a new minor release coming every 3-6 months. In-between we release maintenance and pre-release versions.


Vidispine 4.5 Released – Read About All the Goodies Here

By Patrik - March 2, 2016

Vidispine 4.5 is here for you now! We bring you VSA support for both S3 compatible storages and Spectra Logic BlackPearl, increased performance with content paths, a beta of our new feature Export Templates, and many improvements. You can spin it up on AWS Marketplace as we speak. Read more about all the goodies in Vidispine 4.5 below.


Vidispine 4.4 Now Released on Azure Marketplace

By Patrik - November 18, 2015

We are happy to introduce Vidispine 4.4 on Azure Marketplace, including a 30-day free trial to get you started building your video application. The Developer and Team Editions includes a license to use one instance of the new Vidispine Server Agent, bridging the gap between your local files and Vidispine in the cloud.


Vidispine 4.4 Now Released on AWS Marketplace

By Nils - November 11, 2015

We have updated Vidispine on AWS Marketplace with the brand new 4.4 version, and we want to remind you about our offers there. We have three types of packages – for media management developers, for web application developers and also a 30-day free trial on a development edition to get you started.