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Guest post

We Need Smarter MAM

By Guest - September 13, 2017

Famous Notorious B.I.G. quote “mo money, mo problems” translated into the media asset management landscape by Alex Buchanan from NMR. More media means more problems, and to remedy we need a smarter MAM.

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Breaking the Monolith-ony?

By Guest - September 13, 2017

A specific advantage a cloud based MAM offers is the de-coupling of services and functions that usually come bundled in monolithic systems. This allows broadcasters and content companies to handpick services that are most relevant to their workflows.

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Can AI Deliver Serious Value to the Media Business

By Guest - September 10, 2017

As I write this, our planet apparently faces a dilemma, looking forward either to a new golden age of machine-assisted prosperity – or being mere months away from a machine-enabled apocalypse, as super-intelligent machines carelessly wipe their unworthy human creators from the face of the Earth.

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The New Breed of Metadata in the Media Industry

By Guest - September 6, 2017

How do you monetize your hidden content if you can’t find it? In our third guest blog post, Karita Kasurinen from Valossa explores how AI improves search in massive amounts of video. Enjoy!

Guest post

Transforming Captioning with the Public Cloud

By Guest - September 4, 2017

Is the cloud ready for the media industry, and is the media industry ready for the cloud? Paul Markham from Ericsson gives his view in the second of our pre-IBC guest posts.

Guest post

How to Quickly Evaluate Suppliers Cloud Maturity

By Guest - August 25, 2017

Is your supplier a Fledgling or a Black Box when it comes to cloud maturity? This blog post is the first in a series of guest posts leading up to IBC 2017, where Peter Henebäck from Mediasmiths gives you a quick way to evaluate the cloud maturity of your suppliers. Enjoy!

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Insights on Deploying Video Applications in the Cloud

By Guest - April 23, 2017

In this guest post, Codemill shares industry insights and their experiences of deploying video applications in the cloud. In short, don’t reinvent the wheel, there are best practices out there, and make sure your system is flexible enough to handle the changes that inevitably will occur as part of the ever-faster technology innovation cycle.

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Three Simple Methods to Invoke the Vidispine API From .NET Code

By Vidispine - June 15, 2016

Binagora is on fire and returns with another guest post. We know we have a bunch of developers on .NET, therefore we created a .NET SDK. This post shows how you can invoke the Vidispine API from .NET, using the SDK or using standard .NET classes. All with example code.

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Counting Files Over Multiple Cloud Storages Made Easy

By Vidispine - May 11, 2016

Today in our guest post Binagora show how to count media files and the total size of those files, in a media library spread out over several cloud storages, using Vidispine and a node.js application.

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Meet Our Friends From Quantum at NAB2016

By Vidispine - April 16, 2016

Today we have a post from Quantum and what they are up to at NAB. We are of course happy to a part of one of their demos, showing how you can streamline your delivery workflow, directly from Quantum Lattus using Vidispine.