Vidispine turns ten!

By Vidispine - June 17, 2019

One decade old or young, Vidispine is celebrating its tenth anniversary. We want to thank all our loyal customers, partners and friends for your support over the years. Below you will find a short interview with the founders Erik and Isak where they answer some questions on the occasion of the anniversary.


Vidispine joins Arvato Systems

By Erik - November 10, 2017

When we founded Vidispine 2009, we wanted to build a software platform to make it easier than ever before to build innovative, video-based, solutions. Now we join The Bertelsmann family as part of the Arvato Systems group and continue our path with a much stronger organization to back us up and partner with.


By Popular Demand – The IBC2017 Booth Poster

By Vidispine - September 21, 2017

This is the poster placed on the wall of our IBC207 stand. We used them to provide an overview of the Vidispine ecosystem as we see it. We realized it was a useful tool, and saw that many of you also took pictures.


Cloud MAM – is it Clone Wars or A New Hope?

By Erik - September 13, 2017

With cloud technology now reaching a critical point in maturity, it is possible to build entire supply chains in the cloud. Pair that with organizations that are born cloud-ready, with little or no legacy, and a business environment that turns agility into a huge advantage. We are set to see large changes in expectations of the role “the MAM” will have for content owners and producers.


Vidispine Goes to IBC

By Vidispine - August 18, 2017

Here it goes! We’re attending IBC with a stand, superb demos and a couch for you to hang in. We have a new product launch Vidinet, and some great demos lined up for media workflow in the cloud pleasure. See you there.


Great Move. Awesome New Office.

By Vidispine - July 5, 2017

Hey, today we moved into a fantastic new office to accommodate for all the greatness we want to create. Come on in, check it out, get some coffee!


Find the Information You Need on Our Web

By Vidispine - June 2, 2017

We have re-organized our web presence during the last month to serve your information needs better. We have moved all information about our products, and access to all functionality under one umbrella, this site. While we were at it, we also improved readability on all devices and made it easier to find your way around. […]


Come and Meet Us at the TNW Conference

By Patrik - May 18, 2017

We’re at the TNW Conference May 18-19, in the Swedish Hotspot. Let’s fika and talk API-based video content management.


Vidispine 4.8 is out on AWS Marketplace

By Vidispine - March 19, 2017

We have updated AWS Marketplace with the new Vidispine 4.8 version. Starting a new Vidispine instance through AWS Marketplace will give you access to advanced Aspera integration, 8K RED support, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, and of course improvements and bug fixes.


Results From The Easiest 2016 Video Predictions Ever – pt2

By Patrik - January 19, 2017

In part two of my prediction recap I take a look at emotion detection, automatic metadata harvesting and automatic video editing. There was a lot of interesting stuff happening in the area, and I am looking forward to coming years as this will just explode.