By Popular Demand – The Vidispine Ecosystem Overview

By Vidispine - April 24, 2018

We had it on the wall at IBC 2017 and by NAB 2018 it was already outdated because of the speed of development. We made a new one for NAB that we managed to obsolete in a week. This is the latest version of our ecosystem overview, containing all our products and how they are related.

You can now replace your booklet and blurry photos with a high-res version of the Vidispine ecosystem poster, downloadable directly from VidiXplore. You can get it in any flavor you want as long as it is PDF or PNG.

Vidispine Ecosystem Overview


Use it as you wish as long as you refer to us, but please don’t make any changes to them without our knowledge. We’ll be happy to make updates in case you want to use it in a specific way.