A New Order in Video Content Management

By Patrik - February 8, 2016 (Last updated: April 21, 2017)

Are you in marketing/communications and deal more and more with video? Do you, your team and producers store all video in Dropbox, Mark’s laptop, or whatnot, and you feel like you have lost control? Read about what Vidispine’s co-founder have to say about the new order in video content management.

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We see video explode in all kinds of situations and applications, and decided to put all our knowledge and experience about video to use and create VidiXplore. VidiXplore is video content management for anyone tired of manage content and chasing files, instead of creating business value.

“VidiXplore is not your usual DAM, it is a cloud-based service to discover, know and share your media content, no matter the format or where it is stored. 4K from a pro camera or iPhone video, stored on laptops or Dropbox, we’ll collect and give you a way to handle it all.”

It’s a good read, and well worth your time. Just a grab a coffee and read about the new order in video content management.