A few things from IBC 2015

By Erik - October 8, 2015 (Last updated: April 4, 2017)

Did you go to IBC2015? We did! We talked about video storytelling, content anywhere, video in the cloud, deploying Vidispine on AWS and Microsoft Azure and how to use VidiXplore to share large digital media files better. We had a great time. This is some tidbits from our time there.

Erik presents at Future consumer panel (image from video)

So, what did Vidispine do during IBC2015?

You could meet us all week in the AWS booth. Isak talked about how to manage your local files from a cloud-based Vidispine using Vidispine Server Agent, even if they are behind a firewall. Vidispine was represented in the same booth at IBC2014 and NAB2015 also. What was really encouraging was that people went from thinking about cloud-based infrastructures to investing in it this year. However, it was  very clear that a straight “fork lift” to cloud is not the preferred model, instead some kind of hybrid model with a robust migration path to cloud is the ideal architecture.

Vidispine VSA Through Firewall

For the first time Vidispine was invited to a panel discussion. Erik Åhlin sat down with peers from BBC, Google and more in the panel titled “Future Consumer, Content Everywhere and Always On!” led by Niko Waesche from Gfk. As a challenging position he claimed it’s a matter of time before we reach economic singularity in video-based storytelling. All intros and presentations can be found here with Erik starting his presentation at 26:50.

VidiXplore - Mission Control for all your Digital Media

Curious about VidiXplore and how using it will help you speed up your handling av large media files? Nils gave hands-on demonstrations on how you can get control over all your cloud content, easily share huge digital media files and understand your content with the help of automatic metadata harvesting.

New business deals we liked from IBC2015

A wrap up like this must mention the acquisition of Elemental by AWS. We find it intriguing as we see more and more of the high-end, high-quality video workflows sink in to the (cloud) infrastructure. It emphasizes the long-term scenario we envision where video managment ultimately becomes a commodity. We believe this will grant innovation and it’s clear that cloud will be the future home of most video workflows.

New products we liked from IBC2015

Standing in a booth will tend you to get stuck in the booth, but we still saw some cool products. I know that Adobe Character Animator actually was released during NAB, but it’s still good enough to mention here. I can’t wait to see this technology being implemented in a mobile, or maybe in game console, to put emotions on your character.

New technology we liked from IBC2015

We usually take some time to stroll around and check out promising technologies. This year our CTO, Isak Jonsson, found a small German provider Fayteq with some fascinating tech. If we are to pick one it’s probably fayOUT that has the most instant wow-factor. They render video near-live and can make objects disappear.