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About Vidispine

We develop advanced systems for video and image management, powering large media production systems around the globe. As part of the Arvato Systems Group, we belong to a team of around 2,800 IT specialists with deep industry expertise.

The story of Vidispine

Our Founding

CEO Erik Åhlin and CTO Isak Jonsson co-founded Vidispine in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009. They believed in software innovation and the power of rich media story-telling, and created a software platform to simplify building innovative, video-based solutions.

The start of our product journey 

The co-founders used their 15 years of experience in building software companies – disruptive in the industry – to build our first ever product, the Vidispine API. They adopted the most recent technology which enabled them to simplify the development of video technology for broadcasters in a way that was – and still is – unique to the market. Vidispine API is still the centre of our ecosystem and helps broadcasters solve the most complex issues with video. Our customers build the Vidispine API into their production workflows which enables them to focus on their businesses instead of technology. The Vidispine platform powers production systems on all continents of the world, serving thousands of users with millions of files.

Vidinet was launched as a way to respond to the fast-moving media landscape. Vidinet is a cloud-based service connected to your new or existing Vidispine Server, enabling you to connect scalable media services without any upfront costs, only paying for services you use, when you use them.

Vidispine and Arvato Systems

Since November 2017, Vidispine is a part of the Arvato Systems group in the Bertelsmann family. Arvato Systems is a Global IT specialist that supports major companies through digital transformation. For Vidispine, the Arvato Systems solutions fill many gaps, both in terms of technology and market coverage. By combining our knowledge, experience and intellectual property we wanted to create an environment that fosters innovation and expedites the development and delivery of products and services that bring real benefit to our customers.

To infinity and beyond

Today, video is eating the world. From entertainment to industry, video can now be found everywhere, and more people than ever create video content. The amount of video created every day puts a heavy demand on the underlying platforms, while the need to quickly turn your raw content into compelling stories is greater than ever. We believe that our software brings value to anyone building video applications or using video content. We will continue to strive for our vision.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is to be the most innovative and widely used platform for managing media from digital to audience.

Our mission is to be the best choice for software innovators to build their scalable media solutions. We want to achieve this by providing our software as a service for anyone wanting to start fast and then grow.

Our key values characterize and define how we strive to behave and act internally as well as externally:

  • Ahead of the curve
  • Involved
  • Responsive
  • Pragmatic

Let's talk video!

We would love to hear from you. So if you have questions, or just want to have a chat about video and learn how we can help you, don't hesitate to reach out! 

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