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About Vidispine

Our objective

We enable companies working with media to focus on their core business by providing easy access to technology that supports their business needs. Our platform enables customers to get the maximum value from their assets, rights, media inventory and market.​

The story of Vidispine

The beginning

CEO Erik Åhlin and CTO Isak Jonsson co-founded Vidispine in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009. They believed in software innovation and the power of rich media story-telling, and created a software platform to simplify building innovative, video-based solutions. Using their 15 years of experience in building software companies, the co-founders built our first ever product, the Vidispine API. They adopted the most recent technology which enabled them to simplify the development of video technology for broadcasters in a way that was – and still is – unique to the market. Vidispine API is still the centre of our ecosystem and helps broadcasters solve the most complex issues with video, asset management and production workflows. 

Vidispine and Arvato Systems

In November 2017, Vidispine became a part of the Arvato Systems group and the Bertelsmann family. Arvato Systems is a Global IT specialist that supports major companies through digital transformation. With complimentary portfolios, both in terms of technology and market coverage, combining out knowledge, experience and intellectual property created an environment that fosters innovation and expedites the development and delivery of products and services that bring real benefit to our customers.

A united go-to-market brand

From 1 July, 2020, products from the Arvato Systems media and entertainment segment joined a rebranded and integrated Vidispine portfolio.  
Our solution approach orchestrates and integrates the seamless workflows needed by today’s media enterprises. The restructured portfolio includes solutions for the broadcast and media & entertainment industry, including enterprise Media Asset Management, Content Planning & Rights Management and Ad Tech, as well as the cross-industry content platform, VidiNet.

To infinity and beyond

Today, video is eating the world. From entertainment to industry, video can now be found everywhere, and more people than ever create video content. The amount of video created every day puts a heavy demand on the underlying platforms, while the need to quickly turn your raw content into compelling stories is greater than ever. We believe that our software brings value to anyone monetizing video, building video applications or using video content. We will continue to strive for our vision.

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We would love to hear from you. If you have questions, or would like to chat about how our solutions can help you, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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