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We founded Vidispine because we believe in software innovation and the power of rich media story-telling. Our background is 15 years of building software companies and changing the media industry. We are concentrating that experience on building the best tools for creating innovative media software and solutions.

Vidispine is a software platform for media software innovation. It commoditizes media asset management. We are about taking all the know-how from how you deliver advanced rich media solutions, and commoditize that into a middleware platform.

The Vidispine philosophy is creating eco-systems of companies where everyone does what they do best. We are always looking for interesting partners like software companies, system integrators, independent consultants and anyone who has bright ideas, great software or extraordinary skills.
Just let us know what you want to achieve!


Vidispine MAM PartnerVidispine MAM Partner AAmediagroup
3 Legged Dog Inc
3 legged dog, inc.
22287 Mulholland Hwy
Suite 122
Calabasas, CA 91302
PH: +1 (818) 451-3705
AA Media Group
Blokland 25
2441 EC Nieuwveen
Ph: +31 (0)6 20 380 654

Lyonel-Feininger-Straße 26
D-80807 München
Ph: +49 89 15 81 55 0
Vidispine MAM Partner Cantemo
5900 Hollis Street,
Suite E
Emeryville, CA 94608
United States
Ph: +1 (510) 849-2386
Blue Lucy Media
20 Mortlake High Street, London, SW14 8JN
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 (0)20 8878 5313
Grev Turegatan 38
S-114 38 Stockholm
Ph: +46 (0) 720 21 77 85

600 Central, SE Suite 229
Albuquerque, NM 87102
United States
Ph: +1-505-242-6626
Riddaregatan 8
903 36 Umeå
Ph: +46 90 15 48 48
Data Direct Networks
9351 Deering Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311
United States
Ph: +1.800.837.2298
DSB Consulting
4420 Noble Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
United States
Ph: +1 (310) 598-2060
17 Tileyard Studios
Tileyard Road
London N7 9AH
Ph: + 44 (0)207 607 4224
Tongersestraat 4
Ph: + 31 43 3262750
FileCatalyst logo
Liége Science Park
16 rue Bois St-Jean
B-4104 Seraing
Ph: + 32 4 361 70 00
1725 St. Laurent Blvd.
Suite 205 Ottawa ON K1G 3V4
Ph: +1 613 667 2439
FrontPorch Digital
Parc d'Activités ‘La Ravoire’
Route de Frangy
74371 Pringy Cedex
Ph: +33 4 50 88 37 70
Vidispine MAM Partner Hogarth
GW Hannaway & Associates
839 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302
United States
Phone: +1 303 440 9631
Hogarth Worldwide
164 Shaftesbury Avenue,
London WC2H 8HL
United Kingdom
Ph: + 44 (0) 207 240 6400

1 New Orchard Road
Armonk, New York 10504-1722
United States
Ph: +1-914-499-1900
Vidispine MAM Partner Hogarth Vidispine MAM Partner mediasmiths
Kumo Technology
Kumo Technology
110 E. 9th St. A1169
Los Angeles, CA 90079
Ph: +1 (424) 230-3080
Elisabethstraße 1
52062 Aachen
Phone: +49 (241) 40108-0
Skeppargatan 8
11452 Stockholm
Ph: +46 (0)709 990 058
Vidispine Partner Meta Media Creative Technologies Vidispine MAM Partner MooSystems Vidispine Partner NetApp
Meta Media Creative Technologies
1357 N Artesian Ave Unit 3
Chicago IL 60622-2983
United States
Ph: +1 312 593 5072
Hatzfeldstr. 6
Ph: +49 221 99 81 545
495 East Java Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94089
United States
Ph: +1 408 822 6000
NMR Consultancy
14 New Wharf Road
Kings Cross
London. N1 9RT
United Kingdom
Ph: + 44 (0)20 7255 2700
Object Matrix
Windsor House, Windsor Ln
Cardiff, CF10 3DE
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 292 022 1733
679 Lost Lake Road
Victoria, BC
V9B 1E3
Vidispine MAM Partner Quantum
Quantum Corporation
224 Airport Parkway, Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95110
United States
Ph +1 408 944 4000
San Solutions
1575 Delucchi Lane, Suite 115
Reno, NV 89502
United States

Ph: +1 775 745 8734
702-515 Legget Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K0G 1N0, Canada
Ph: + 1 613-599-2140
Spectralogic Partner Logo
Sintec Media
8 Am Ve`Olamo St.
POB 34406
JerUnited Stateslem
91342 Israel
Ph: +972 (0) 2 651 5122
Spectra Logic Corporation
6285 Lookout Road
Boulder, CO 80301-3580
United States
Ph: +1.800.833.1132
Tektronix, Inc.
14150 SW Karl Braun Drive
P.O. Box 500
Beaverton, OR 97077
United States
Ph: +1-800-833-9200
Vidispine Partner Telestream Vidispine Partner ToolsOnAir  
848 Gold Flat Road
Nevada City, CA 95959
United States
Ph: +1 530 470 1300
Zirkusgasse 39
1020 Vienna
Ph: +43 1 236 8665



New Releases of Vidispine

We are happy to announce the availability of
Vidispine 4.5.2, 4.4.4, 4.3.8 and 4.2.15

Need help? Visit our support forum if you need assistance of any kind


New Releases of Vidispine

We are happy to announce the availability of
Vidispine 4.5.1, 4.4.3, 4.3.7 and 4.2.14

Need help? Visit our support forum if you need assistance of any kind


Vidispine version 4.5 is here

Bring on your S3 compatible storages!

We are proud to announce the availability of Vidispine 4.5. This release contains goodies such as content paths and aliases as well as support for Spectra Logic BlackPearl and S3 compatible storages.We have also included a beta version of Export Templates - making it super simple to tailor output for all distribution standards.

Support for S3 compatible storages in Vidispine Agent (VSA)

The agent has been updated to support S3 compatible storages. This allows on-premise storages and archives to be connected to Vidispine via the agent. Connect as storage using the s3 scheme.

Support for Spectra Logic BlackPearl

Support for connecting Spectra Logic BlackPearl storage systems with Spectra S3 interface. Works for both Vidispine and Vidispine Agent. Connect as storage using the ds3 scheme. MD5, CRC32 and CRC32c checksums are supported.

Content paths and aliases

The item search resources have been updated with support for content paths and aliases. This allows for reduced response sizes and improved performance when fetching content relating to an item. The batch list job and list library job has also been updated to support content paths. 

Export Templates (BETA)

Export templates have been made available as beta functionality in this version. Beta means that syntax may change somewhat for the final implementation. This version is also a call for feedback for other functionality that you would like to see. You can get an overview of Export Templates in this blog post

For further details, see the 4.5 release highlights section in the online API documentation.

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  * View Release Notes (Partner Portal access required*)
  * View API documentation (public)

Need help?

Visit our support forum if you need assistance of any kind


For Immediate Release

Stockholm, February 10 2016

Vidispine Content Management Repository Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Vidispine’s API-based content management repository is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, making it easier than ever to video-enable the enterprise.

A fully featured version including format management, transcoding, advanced metadata management, multi-tiered asset management and much more can now be deployed from the Azure Marketplace. Vidispine is already used by some of the largest and most complex media companies in the world. Having Vidispine in the Azure Marketplace makes it accessible to any enterprise, large or small.

Vidispine helps programmers speed up the building of video- and media-based applications, integrations and prototypes. IT managers and CIOs will see the benefits of effortless and cost-efficient deployment of video management on their Azure infrastructure.

To help developers get started, Vidispine is running a community site with insights, tips and tricks at http://howto.vidispine.com/.

We are building out the video support in ImageVault by using Vidispine on Microsoft Azure. It was the natural step for us to enable video in our publishing solution for Microsoft SharePoint and EPiServer since our product strategy is built on Azure,” says Johan Magnusson, Product Manager of Meriworks AB.

Vidispine can help ISVs greatly reduce the time it takes to add video to their solutions, like Meriworks is doing with their ImageVault product.

I am thrilled to see how Microsoft can help innovative software companies like Vidispine reach a true mass market by making it available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,” said Venkat Gattemneni, Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corp. “It helps our global customer base find smart solutions to complex problems just as much as it helps businesses to focus on what they do best.”

System integrators helping enterprises to video-enable their intranet, collaboration platforms or web presence will benefit by choosing a future-proof and enterprise-grade media repository like Vidispine.

Vidispine makes it amazingly simple to build combined integrations and standardized software for our most demanding clients. Making it available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace only further underlines where our industry is going and what our clients are asking for,” says Chris Collum, President of 1303Systems Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri.

About Vidispine

Vidispine is an enterprise-grade media asset management backbone. The capabilities are supported by well-documented and robust RESTful APIs that work with any modern programming language. Vidispine lets software developers and service providers easily build new, innovative rich media solution. Vidispine scales from small archives to multi-site deployments and is agnostic in regards to OS, storage, media formats, application servers, databases and IT infrastructure. For more information, visit www.vidispine.com.


Release of Vidispine 4.4

Introducing the Vidispine Server Agent - bridging the gap between cloud and local systems

The Vidispine Server Agent (VSA) is a marvellous piece of software to connect your on-premise file storage to a remote Vidispine system, enabling cloud deployments of Vidispine while keeping essence in the original place. The VSA comes with an onboard transcoder, controllable from your cloud based Vidispine, enabling you to perform all kinds of local file surgery and movements without a single byte of essence ever leaving your local premises. VSA is available both for Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS/RedHat releases. Read more here.

Other new features in v. 4.4:

Transcoder sharing, discovery and dedication
  - Transcoders can now be shared between Vidispine instances, allowing you to squeeze the most out of your software and hardware investment at all times. Read more here
   - Transcoders can now be automatically discovered via either DNS or HTTP, allowig integration with DNS servers and services such as Amazon Route 53 and Consul. Read more here.
   - Transcoders can now be dedicated to certain job types with Task groups, a new entity that pairs an entity with a resource according to rules. You can use this to e.g. enforce jobs to use a certain transcoder or reserve transcoders for high priority jobs. Read more here

Waveform visualization support
We've added an shape analysis algorithm that will extract RMS data to produce a representative audio waveform, made available to you as numerical values or PNG images (one per audio channel). Read more here on shape analysis in general and here for the waveform function in particular.

Amazon S3 Notification Support
Amazon S3 file notifications are now supported, making it possible to have Amazon push file event notifications to Vidispine instead of Vidispine performing expensive poll requests to your S3 buckets. Read more here. While we were at it we added support for the latest AWS SDK including the new signature version 4 signing process, enabling buckets stored in Beijing and Frankfurt to be used with Vidispine.

For further details, see the release highlights section in the online API documentation

Like it? Spin up a Vidispine server on AWS Marketplace today

Fully featured Vidispine 4.4 virtual instances can be spun up in minutes from AWS Marketplace. 30 day all-inclusive free developer trials. Paid versions from $ 0.69 per hour for a Vidispine Server with 10 users, 1 Transcoder, 1 Vidispine Server Agent and a comprehensive codec package.

Still want local install? No problem,
you will find everything you need here:

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  * View Release Notes (Partner Portal access required*)
  * View API documentation (public)

Blog: Learn how to Build Your Rock-Solid Enterprise Video Solution (part 1)

Do you want to build a video application, and want to make sure it is enterprise grade? From storage to high availability, our video fanatics will help you find your way around common pitfalls and mistakes in a two part blog post. This is the first post where we go through storage, metadata and video formats. Read full blog post

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